Over the years we had the pleasure to help many of our clients with re-modelling and upcycling their existing pieces and transforming them into a one-of-a-kind treasure they proudly wear with their own sentimental story behind. 

Our client wanted to incorporate her very sentimental gold rings and diamond, all belonging to her family, into a contemporary statement ring she can wear every day. We came up with the design idea, melted her gold down and created this unique ring.

Thank you so much Zuzana, the ring is absolutely lovely, just as I imagined it! You really are so talented and have been so lovely to deal with.The ring is beautifully crafted and so unique!!! Even my husband who isn’t very much into jewellery keeps complimenting the ring, lol !!! :-). I am very proud to be wearing your wonderful creation! J. 

6.gold bullion
1a.scrap pic


If you have a sentimental special piece of jewellery you don’t wear, it would be a shame to let it just sit in a drawer. We can reuse, upcycle your old sentimental or inherited jewellery to create a new unique, contemporary and bespoke piece.

Just contact us, include some images of your old jewellery, or come to our studio so we can chat about the ideas of your new piece, using your stones and/or metal. 

1a.scrap pic


We can melt down old gold to form a new ring as well as reset the stones and use them in your new piece.

There are many options of how we can turn your valuable item into your favourite one. It could be as simple as making a new setting for a ring in a white gold or platinum as replacement for an actual yellow gold one, or as complex as using different elements of it to create a completely different new bespoke design piece of jewellery. 

1B. Melting process
1B. Melting process
4. diamond flower wedding band


We had the pleasure of working with Emma to make this bespoke diamond wedding ring, using her own very sentimental three rings. She visited our studio and we came up with the design that worked incorporating diamonds from her family rings. We also melted and reused her white gold so the ring still holds all the sentiment, but brings new life to it too. 

Thank you so much for my absolutely stunning wedding ring, Zuzana! You are very talented turning something that was very old fashioned into such a beautiful and delicate piece. It’s so lovely to have my wedding band reusing my mum’s jewellery! Can’t thank you enough! E.


4. diamond flower wedding band


To celebrate a newborn baby, our client wanted to up-cycle his wife’s grandmother’s amethyst and gold ring ( he had the permission 🙂 ) and surprise her with a new organic contemporary design he saw on our website. Such a lovely project to work on!

Zuzana, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the fantastic job you’ve done using my nan’s old rings. It was such a lovely surprise, I adore all your organic designs and it’s wonderful to have something so meaningful – my grandma’s ring – transformed into my own style and unique symbol of a present!! J.

Browse our gallery of the unique jewellery pieces we have designed and created and contact us along with the pictures of your old jewellery. 

5. amethyst contemporary ring